Monday, June 18, 2007

The Neocon Carbon Off-set Program and Universal Lawyer-Care

The Neocon is considering opening a Carbon Off-set company just like Al Gore's: Soon you will be able to send me your money, and I promise to arrange for trees to be planted, and to do a few other things to "off-set" your troubling carbon "footprint" so you can feel better about yourself. I'll even send you a fancy certificate made out of recycled paper that you can frame and put on your office wall to impress your co-workers. Get your checkbooks ready!

I am also about to propose a Universal Lawyer-care system whereby everybody in America is issued a little plastic card, like a credit card, and with that card, you can go to the Lawyer of your choice at any time, and have the government pay for all your legal fees! My guess is that if given a choice, most Americans would prefer to have free lawyer-care at their disposal than free health-care. And since most Americans are less likely to get cancer than they are to engage in a frivolous lawsuit, or get sued frivolously, my Universal Lawyer-care proposal will actually be more beneficial than Hillary-care!

Pakistan says Rushdie knighthood may spark terrorism: Uh oh, seems like the UK committed another grievous insult against Islam and will have to pay.

1 comment:

  1. Carbon offsets are the new junk bond. Get rich quick and hope nobody knows how you did it. Then we suffer the consequences financially.
    As for Rushdie and the Pakis, glad to see true love never dies


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