Monday, June 25, 2007

Judge Rules in Favor of Dry Cleaners in $54 Million Pants Lawsuit

I posted on this story when it first appeared, so a follow-up would be appropriate. It seems that the Judge ruled against the other Judge who filed the ridicules suit, and awarded the owners of the dry cleaners court cost (not the same as legal fees).

That this case ever got to trial is a stunning indictment of the US legal system. It lingered in the system for two years, putting these small business owners through hell on earth, nearly bankrupting them and causing them to flee the country.

The fact that the plaintiff is a sitting Judge tells you a lot about our justice system. The man should be disbarred, forced to pay all costs and fees, and sent to a mental institution for evaluation. Instead, the system took his claim of $64 million dollars for a pair of pants seriously. Side note: is the Judge-plaintiff in question a Democrat? I don't know yet but I'm giving it a 99% chance.

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