Saturday, June 09, 2007

Geldof and Bono blast G8 for betraying Africa? Blame "Global Warming"

The "Global Warming" issue has sucked the air out of every other issue at the G-8 summit including aid to Africa. Not a single person has died of "global warming" but there you have it folks. Naturally, those who will suffer the most because of "global warming" will be poor people in the developing world, who are already discouraged from engaging in development because God forbid their Co2 emissions will increase. Thus, vast populations of the world are now relegated to a permanent state of poverty and disease. The sooner people like Bono and Geldof understand this, perhaps the sooner they will be willing to buck political correctness and confront the "Global Warming" scam for the sake of the worlds poor. (note: this post has nothing to do with Paris Hilton).

Enemies of the Poor

Denver: 9 out of 12 warmest winters occurred before 1955

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