Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gaza on the Verge of Becoming a Full-blown Terrorist State

With fierce battles spreading across the Gaza strip, involving unprecedented brutality and barbarism, it seems that the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, backed by Hezbollah and Iran have the upper hand against the more secular Fatah, and are on the verge of gaining complete control. This would turn Gaza into a true terrorist haven for radical Islamists similar to Afghanistan under the Taliban, only this entity is not in far flung Afghanistan, but on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. In addition to Iran and Hezbollah, their primary backers who are Shia, they will undoubtedly also allie themselves with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and al Qaeda elements as well, creating more regional instability. This is truly a development with serious negative strategic implications well beyond the region. As these developments unfold, Israelis are surely contemplating; if this is how they treat their own, imagine if one day they had their way with the "infidel" populations of the region. Does anyone seriously doubt what the outcome would be?

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