Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cameron's Mao Bag raises Eyebrows in Peru, home to former ruthless Maoist insurgency

I love stories of lefty Hollywood types getting in trouble while trekking around the world assuming that Hollywood values apply automatically everywhere. Last month I posted on Richard Gere being brought up on charges of obscenity in India after planting a kiss on a famous Indian actress on stage at an "AIDS awareness" event. Today we have Cameron Diaz strolling about Peru with a Hollywood-trendy Mao bag. Peru, of course, was home of a ruthless Maoist terrorist insurgency that killed thousands during the 80's and 90's. Diaz, being the Hollywood lefty-airhead that she is, had no clue of that traumatic history, or that Mao might not be as appreciated in Peru as he is in a place like Hollywood, where left-wing murdering tyrants like Mao and Che Gavera are celebrated as pop-culture "cool."

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THE JAY LENO INTERVIEWS - video powered by Metacafe

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