Saturday, May 05, 2007

Shock Rasmussen Poll: 35% of Democrats believe Bush knew of 9/11 in Advance

OK, it's official, over a third of the Democratic Party are mentally ill. Rasmussen is one of Americas most respected polling operations, routinely and widely quoted in virtually every major media outlet in North America, for many years.

In its latest poll, Rasmussen discovered that Democrats in America are evenly divided on the question of whether George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 terrorist attacks in advance. THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT!!! (35%) of Democrats believe he did know, 39% say he did not know, and 26% are not sure. Did you get that? 35% of Democrats believe that President Bush knew of 9/11 in advance... and just let it happen, and 26% of these geniuses are not sure. Hello? Is there anybody home? This is truly a national mental illness... Hate-Bush derangement syndrome (HBDS).

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  1. Hi Joe! I wanted to see if I could send you over to a post I wrote this morning reviewing an academic political science article that make the case for a preventive military strike against Iran's nuclear development program. It's very compelling. The authors don't advocate an attack, just analyze the feasibility.

    Thanks in advance and check it out:

    Burkean Relflections

  2. Although nobody can (at this time) prove that Bush knew of events before hand. Can you prove to me that he "didn't" know? Do "I" think he knew? No. Bush is just the puppet of twisted people behind the scenes who "really" run the show,in my opinion (I may be wrong). Did elements within his government know? We cannot (at this time) prove they did. We cannot honestly prove they "didn't" either. Anyone who doesn't have 100% trust in their government,is called "mentally ill". In the absence of proof,people simply believe whatever they "want" to believe. And that includes the Neocon cult. One person believes that nobody but the attackers knew such an attack was on its way,and calls anyone who suggests otherwise, "mentally ill". A true believer. Another person can't prove (at this time) that they "did" know an attack was on its way, and also can't prove that they "didn't" know.

    So where does that leave him? It leaves him as a person who wouldn't totally discount the possibility that elements within the U.S Government knew this was on its way,and allowed it to happen due to the immense advantage they'd gain. Why do I think this? Well,throughout history it has been done as a pretext to "re-shape the world in our image". Romans did it. Nazis did it. And elements in the U.S Government proposed it in the 1960s with Operation Northwoods. Governments rely on people thinking they are good little Boys,to get away with murder. Always have, always will. Although I think Bush with his deer in the headlights expression when told 9/11, was "true", it is a known fact that American presidents have lied through their teeth before. Nixon,Reagan (with the Iran-Contra affair) and Clinton. Haven't Americans worked out yet that their governments are not Boy scout honest? It appears that many "have" worked it out now. Unfortunately,some staunch "believers" with "faith" persist.

    They go by the name of Neocons.

  3. Yes, and we also can't "prove" that Aliens from Jupiter didn't fly the planes into the World Trade Center. We can't "prove" that Bush wansn't responsible for the assasination of JFK. and We can't yet "prove" that you are not Osama Bin Laden. That's what I mean by a mental illness.

  4. Fact remains, that you can't prove that the U.S Government (or small elements within it) had no idea such an attack was on its way. That is what I mean by possibly misguided faith in the governments "Infallibility" when history proves the government and its presidents are hardly saintly. I seem to remember that in 1993, the WTC was attacked with the intention of bringing it down,and one of the captured plotters said to the FBI - "Well next time I'll have more money, I'll come back and I'll bring those towers down". Didn't it leave some "small clue" that this whole thing wasn't over with his capture?


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