Sunday, May 27, 2007

I've got Mail! Cheif UK Green Party Spokesman drops the Neocon a line

I received a comment from Derek Wall, chief spokesman for the Green Party in the UK. Dr. Wall directed me to a YouTube video clip in which he debated Christopher Horner, author of 'The Politically Incorrect Guild to Global Warming' on Al Jazeera. Presumably the debate took place between Jihad beheading videos and Bin Laden tapes. I actually thought that Horner made minced meat out of Wall but that's just one man's admittedly biased opinion. What I found more interesting was Dr. Walls profile on his web site. I have long argued that the "global warming" movement is not a science-based movement, but is rather more like a religion for lost souls and hard-core ideological leftists who hate capitalism and America. Refugees from the collapsed ideological swamp that was Communism. As further evidence of my contention I encourage a visit to Dr. Wall's profile where he describes his interests as...and I kid you not:

"No GM, Green Party, Green politics, organic farming, no nukes, peace, social movement theory, anti-capitalism, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Donna Warren for President, ecosocialism, Cuba, zen, socialism, Marx, and Earth First."
WOW! Now I'm sure Dr. Wall is a nice guy and may be fun to have a beer with, and he certainly is entitled to his opinions unlike the regular folks in his highly admired Cuba; but I will let the reader decide about the kind of credibility Mr. Hall brings to the "global warming" issue based on his particular "interests" which parallel every comical stereotype of a 1970's fellow traveller.

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