Wednesday, May 09, 2007

CNN's Glenn Beck Attacks CNN's Pro-Arab Bias

This is why I like Glenn Beck. He receives a check from CNN but refuses to suck up or bow to their stunning bias and down right stupidity. CNN pulled the Palestinian Mickey Mouse tape because they "discovered massive translation problems" and urged Beck not to use it on his show. WOW! So of course Beck held back to do more investigation. This is how the Islamist crowd sow doubt, by questioning the "translation" of material that puts them in a shameful light in the West, and their Western fellow travelers eagerly play along (as we see from comments on this site from time to time as well). Unfortunately for CNN, it turns out that there is no translation problem, let alone a "massive" translation problem. CNN's Arab translator disputed a single word, which hardly negates all of the rest of the tape, and according to MIMRI, the CNN Arab translator is dead wrong on the translation of the single word in question. I would tend to trust MIMRI's translation who have a long track record and grasp the Arabic language more than many Arabs do; And about a thousand times before I would trust the translation of a faceless CNN Arabist accountable to no one but CNN's own well known bias on all things related to the Middle East. Beck will eventually be fired by that cesspool, CNN, but until that happen we get to enjoy the great talent that is Glenn Beck.


  1. The problem with the MEMRI translation was not only one word. It was several phrases. I can break it down one by one and even give you the words of the girl in Arabic so that you can verify them on your own independently.

    MEMRI in its transcript of the video attributed the phrase "I will shoot" to the girl caller of the show, Sanabel. It was actually the Farfour character who said that. He said

    I will shoot

    The little girl did actually say something then but MEMRI completely omitted her words. The girl said she wanted to draw a picture [of Al Aqsa]. She said

    بدّي ارسم صورة
    beddi arsem soora
    I want to draw a picture

    When asked once more the girl then spoke about resisting, MEMRI translated that as fighting. The girl said

    بدنا انقاوم
    bedna enqawem
    We want to resist

    MEMRI's claim is
    بدنا انحارب or بدنا انقاتل
    bedna enhareb or bedna enqatel
    We will fight <- MEMRI's words

    When the girl is asked "what else?" she said she would get shot by "the Jews", MEMRI somehow translated that as "we will annihilate the Jews". The girl said:

    بيطخّونا اليهود
    betokhoona el yahod
    the Jews shoot us

    betokhoona can be broken down as follows for further explanation:

    betokh: the verb "shoots"
    oo: the 3rd person plural subject attached pronoun, so it becomes "they shoot"
    na: the 1st person plural object attached pronoun, so it becomes "they shoot us"

    all in all, the phrase then becomes "they shoot us the Jews", or "the Jews shoot us".

    To say what MEMRI claims was said, ie. "we will annihilate the Jews", you have to say

    رح انبيد اليهود
    rah nbeed el yahood
    We will annihilate the Jews

    The word "nbeed" here is how you say "we annihilate."

    The girl said "I will become a martyr", in Arabic

    I will become a martyr

    MEMRI translated it as the grammatically wrong (in formal and common Arabic) sentence "I will commit martyrdom", in Arabic (this is not a proper sentence)

    رح ارتكب الشهادة
    rah artakeb el shahadeh
    I will commit martyrdom

    I would encourage you to take this information that I provided and verify it independently using the audio content of MEMRI's clip and you will see that MEMRI completely invented the words of the little girl on the phone, and that the trust many people are putting in MEMRI is clearly misplaced and should be revoked in the future.

    Thank you.

  2. Yes, well that's a nice try. Let’s assume that your translation is correct, even though the translation has been verified multiple times, but let’s just assume you are correct. Does that mean that the entire translation is incorrect and that all of the other outrageous things said by Mickey and his little girl friend are also incorrect? Or are you just contesting these few words in order to try to discredit the entire series of outrageous comments designed to brainwash children to hate, by using a well known (copyrighted) character?


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