Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Edwards: War on Terror is Nothing but a 'Slogan' and a 'Bumper Sticker'

In a Speech to the Foreign Relations Council moments ago, John Edwards denied the very existence of the war on terror calling it nothing but a "slogan" and a "bumper sticker". He further said that "We must avoid actions that will give terrorists an excuse to violate international law." Say what? Did I get that right? Again: Edwards announced that "We must avoid actions that will give terrorists an excuse to violate international law." This man suffers from Stockholm syndrome and needs psychological help. Perhaps his obsession with his hair has something to do with it? Good lord! I do agree that the term "war on terror" is insufficient to describe this conflict...unfortunately, Edwards denies that this is a war at all, dismissing the entire struggle with radical Islam as nothing but a government tool to control American citizens through fear. Pandering to the craziest elements of his party...this man wants to be President? Check out the video below from a few years ago:

Okey doky sleezball...

A real man for the common man...

* A new 28,000 square foot home sitting on 102 acres in Orange County, NC totaling $6,000,000;

* Haircuts costing $400 each (windy days must be a terrifying proposition);

* $500,000 part-time salary paid to him by the very same obscenely rich hedge-fund elites he normally castigates;

* $55,000 scraped together by students at the University of California at Davis to hear him lecture on poverty;

* According to ABC News reports of March 16, another 1 to 5 million added to his net wealth of 29 million from the same folks who paid that half-million salary, the Fortress Investment Group.

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From the Lebanese government via the BBC: In the top 10 absurd quotes...EVER:

On Monday evening, the Lebanese cabinet authorised the army to step up its efforts and "end the terrorist phenomenon that is alien to the values and nature of the Palestinian people".
It would truly be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic.


  1. Typical 'patridiot' twisting things around again. Edwards never said 'terrorists don't exist'. He said there is no real global war on terror, a BIG difference.

    We are not hunting down terrorist cells around the globe, we are focusing all our forces in Iraq. Iraq did not even attack us, most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Arabian. Iraq had no WMD's and Hussein had no links to Al Qaeda.

    Edwards is saying Bush uses the phrase 'war on terror' to justify his reckless policies and own agenda, and guess what all the frighten blind patriots like you fall for it.

    Yes of course there are terrorist but to invade Iraq {under false pretenses} to solve global terrorism is either a big scam or the decisions of a very dumb man.

  2. Did I quote anywhere that Edwards said "terrorist don't exist"? You see this is how it works, first you have to actually read the post, and then comment on it. All the best,


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