Thursday, May 31, 2007

Coincidence? Man in Isolation with rare form of TB is the Son in Law of a leading TB Researcher at the CDC...

Out of the 300,000,000 people in the United States, the man with a rare form of TB, Andrew Speaker, is the son-in-law of Dr. Robert Cooksey, a leading microbiologist in the CDC's Division of Tuberculosis Elimination. Coincidence? You make the call. I personally find it hard to believe that there is absolutely no connection. I would like to know what the mathematical odds of such a coincidence would be. I suppose it's possible, but wow...

In the meantime, patient Andrew Speaker gave an exclusive interview to Diane Sawyer over at GMC. The image is of Andrew Speaker and his new wife Sara who is presumably the daughter of Dr. Cooksey of the CDC. As the world turn...this story just keeps on giving.

Follow-up: A quick question; if Andrew Speaker is non-symptomatic as is constantly being repeated in the media, how did he know to go to a doctor to get himself tested for TB? I mean a normal person doesn't just go to a doctor to get tested for TB out of the clear blue sky.

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