Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech is Not the "Worst School Killing" in US History, the 1927 Bath School Bombing Was

Plains Feeder gets history right by pointing out that the US media are simply wrong when they describe the Virginia Tech shooting as the worst school massacre in US history.

"The media is noting that the Virginia Tech massacre on Monday is the very worst school killing ever in America since Charles Whitman went nuts on the Texas Tower. The media bias against the Second Amendment shows clearly in this assertion. The fact is, the 1927 Bath, Michigan school killings had a death toll of 45 with 58 injured. So why doesn't Andrew Kehoe, the Bath killer, get any mention? Kehoe didn't use a firearm! He blew up the school with a bomb. No gun control mileage here. Into the wastebasket of history goes the Bath School tragedy. No useful purpose."
It might also be worth noting that bombs were and are illegal, and no "bomb control" law stopped Andrew Kehoe from blowing up the school in Bath. Criminals will not be deterred by a "law." ...OK, I know what you're no, that is not to say that bombs should be legalized, unlike firearms, bombs are not used for self protection.

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