Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Upside of the "Global Warming" Swindle

I highly encourage folks to read George Will's great article at Real Clear Politics today. Readers of this site know how I view "global warming"; they might get a clue from the fact that the term is almost always in quotation marks. But in fairness to the naive souls who have bought in to this religious cult and worship at the feet of its high priest: his holiness, the reverend Al Gore Jr., there is an upside to all the self-induced hysteria. If the result of this movement is the rapid move away from the use of fossil fuels to alternative technologies that will free us from our dependency on Arab Oil, than all of this "global warming" nonsense will have been worth it. Without today's demand for oil, radical Islam will be forced to crawl back under the stone from which it has appeared with the help of Saudi petrol dollars. Arab states whose economies are worthless without oil will be more inclined to sue for peace, and perhaps seek enlightenment as a means of lifting themselves up from their sorry 12th century state. So perhaps there is a common interest that could be emphasized...perhaps that is the angle that "global warming" worshipers can appeal to the rest of us who refuse to adopt their religious dogma....that George Will so effectively dismantles in his latest piece.

George Will: Fuzzy Climate Math

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  1. I support global warming because I'm a bass fisherman. With warmer water across this nation, only the Lord knows how many months of the year I might get to fish!


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