Thursday, April 26, 2007

Save the Enviroment: Stop Reading Print Newspapers

Sheryl Crow pontificated recently that we should all drastically cut back on toilet paper to save the environment. Pajama Media point to further evidence of declining print newspaper circulations across the country. See the connection? In other words, get your news online! ditch the liberal print version of the NY Times and save the environment!!!! Hey, I'm really catching on to this this environment thing; it could have all sorts of positive implications for the conservative cause. Imagine, ditching fossil fuel for the "global warming" scam...and free yourself from Arab oil at the same time. I'm seriously thinking of signing an alliance of convenience with greeny.

A quick note from one of our regular readers:

The New York Times needs to stop publishing its daily newspaper immediately. It must go on-line.
One of the biggest rapists of our fragile earth are newspaper publishers. Publishers need paper which comes from our precious forests. Massive amounts of trees must be clear cut and trucked to the mills where they convert the trees to paper, generating huge waste pumped into our local waterways. The paper must then be transported on more polluting trucks to New York Times printing facilities around the nation. These facilities consume vast amounts of electricity, oil-ink and god knows what else. Finally, after just ONE SINGLE DAY, almost all of this production is put in the trash and trucked yet again, this time to land-fills, and the entire dirty process starts all over again! I call on all Global Warming co-religionists to picket the NYT building in NYC. Together we can make a difference!
F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

You see, I'm really beginning to get the feel for this enviro-thing.

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