Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pelosi Views the Head of John the Baptist and Fails to Recognize the Symbolism

Sultan Knish Makes a powerful and true point that I failed to observe in an earlier posting. And I am absolutely certain that Speaker Pelosi also failed to recognize as she was led on her Damascus "useful idiot" sightseeing tour. Truly, a remarkable symbol of western naivete; Sultan Knish explains it best:

The double irony of this photo is not merely Nancy Pelosi, who had billed herself as the most powerful woman in America, subjugating herself for entry into the Umayyad Mosque. What Nancy Pelosi is doing is looking at the supposed head of John the Baptist, a looted Christian artifact, displayed in a Muslim mosque. That isn't a notion that would ever enter Pelosi's head, but it's certainly one that's apparent to any Muslim who views the spectacle of one of the political leaders of a Christian country smiling and nodding along at the theft of one of her religion's holiest relics.

The Umayyad or Omayyad mosque is built over the ruins of a Christian Church dedicated to John the Baptist that was torn down by Muslims and replaced with a mosque. Western world smile and tour the grounds with no clue that they're nodding along to the destruction of their own heritage and humiliation of their own religion. In one visit Pelosi had managed to acquiesce not only to the degradation of her own gender and country, but also her religion. A true triple score.
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  1. people in the west have become so deadened that no one even pays attention anymore or remembers the history of the looted and seized sites

    hindus for the most part remember, some jews do... though in a while I'm afraid even yosef's tomb will be forgotten, but the middle east is full of desecrated churches transformed into mosques and the same situation is now occurring in the former yugoslavia where muslims are seizing churches as well


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