Wednesday, April 25, 2007

French Journalist: In Sarkozy, France Is Experiencing a Neocon Revolution!

In France, it's 1980 and Sarkozy is playing the roll of a French Ronald Reagan. The French "days of malaise" are about to end: Sarkozy represents everything that liberals hate, and that we love here at the Neocon Express. Pro-America, pro-Western, pro-Israel, pro-free markets, pro-individual initiative, pro-freedom....PRO-FRANCE. Listening to the media one would think that neo-conservatism is dead, and that Europe in general and France in particular are all America-hating lefty socialists who worship at the alter of cradle-to-grave welfare programs, and moral relativism. Nonsense! What most Europeans want is their self-worth back. It only takes a positive-thinking bold leader like Sarkozy to tape into this bottled-up positive and creative energy. Is it possible that IT IS MORNING IN FRANCE, and a new day is about to dawn? Go Sarkozy!

Note: Some will squirm and say that such open talk, even if true, will only hurt Sarkozy's chances. Again, nonsense I say.

Washington Times: Sarkozy vs. Royal: "Though Miss Royal, 53, is not very bright, she is good-looking." OUCH!

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