Thursday, April 26, 2007

Arrest Warrant for Richard Gere in India...for this kiss:

There is something deliciously ironic about all of this. A liberal Hollywood actor completely failing to grasp the cultural sensitivities of his surroundings...wrongly assuming that Hollywood values are universal. That Indian activists would bringing in a Hollywood liberal to "raise awareness" about AIDS is strange; and the up-tight judge describing what we in the West would view as a harmless and innocent kiss as being "highly sexually erotic," and that Gere "transgressed all limits of vulgarity." Wow! Penalty is up to 3 months in jail; 'gentleman' Gere bolted the country. The Indian female actress also charged is left to fend for herself.

UPDATE: Gere apologises to Indians over Shetty kiss
Another UPDATE: Gere blames "Right Wing" for his India problem

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