Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Women of the IDF - The Anti-Sharia

We Love you!

Hamas TV: Mama Killed Five Jews and She is in Paradise
The Islamicization of Antwerp
Thomas Friedman: Only Arabs can stop Arabs from killing Arabs
Baghdad security crackdown seriously curbs killings of US soldiers


  1. Great video.

    I just returned from Israel where I met Israeli girls who were in the army.

    Pictures of Israel are here :
    Pictures of Palestinian territories here :
    Great girls fighting for freedom.

    My best wishes. I place your blog in my links.

    (a french neocon blogger)

  2. Although most 'are' proud to do it, Israe(lies) don't have much choice in the matter if we're honest. Because it is "mandatory" for about 2 years from age 18,I understand. A great way to have the entire nation thinking the way you want them to, even if they don't want to. After which,it is striking how many go off bumming around India and Thailand, living a very un-militaristic life indeed.


  4. To “Anonymous”, who posted the youtube address as a comment. I have absolutely no problem with folks viewing that video portraying us Neocon's as some kind of scary conspiracy similar to the Muslim Brotherhood. I'm sure most folks will easily see through the oh-so authoritative English accent, the scary music and conspiratorial tone. You see, when you are confident in your ideas, you are not afraid of other ideas, especially when they are complete and utter nonsense.

  5. No problem. I didn't think you'd have a problem with it either. I just thought you'd be interested in seeing it perhaps. If you saw my posting the links to it as some kind of 'challenge' to your existing ideas, then I can't help that. It is merely there for information purposes.


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