Friday, March 09, 2007

Rep David Obey (D-WI) in Shouting Match With Nut-job Libs in the Hall...Enjoy:

This is a fascinating conversation between Democrat Rep. David Obey, and nut-job libs who approach him in the hallway outside his office. Notice how the ambush seems planned and how they approach him under false pretenses, hooking him in by expressing concern for the health of a soldier (the unidentified woman claims to be the soldiers mom)... and slowly changes to her real intentions; defunding the war. Notice how Obey slowly realizes that he's been ambushed by folks that are even to the left of him, and the conversation deteriorates into an argument and even shouting as the libs do what they do best: Speak out of their proverbial....
'Iranian general defected with classified documents'
Police thwart plot to honor-kill Druze beauty contestant
Setback for Dems: Insurgent Leader Nabbed in Iraq Raid

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