Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Peace" Creep Defecates on US Flag in Portland

I have been searching for an image of that "peace" creep defecating on a US flag in Portland in the middle of a "peace" demonstration in front of women and children. Michelle Malkin found the image but chose to crop it for reasons of good taste. Of course, here at the Neocon we have no good taste so if anyone finds the entire image, feel free to send it along. I am of the school that everyone should see who we are dealing with domestically. Anyway, notice the children being exposed to this episode. Notice how some seem stunned and look away, while other cheer this "expression" of hatred of America. A mental disorder? You make the call.

In a related story... UN chief Ban felt compelled to pay his respects to the inventor of modern-day terrorism, and all around thug-pedophile Yasser Arafat.
h/t: Frongpage Magazine

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  1. Can I merely say that I don't care if John Edward's wife dies slowly form cancer? I mean cancer is bad, but I am only sad for GOOD people who get it. It's God's payback for all the sinful and stupid things her husband has done and supported over the years. The death of their son is sad, but not if he was a flaming liberal like his father.


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