Monday, March 12, 2007

Palestinians kidnap BBC reporter? Don't Care

Why on earth should the rest of us care if Palestinians kidnap a BBC reporter? The BBC does not represent western civilization. For the most part they are a mouth piece for Islamo-nut-jobs and Palestinian terrorist. So a BBC reporter being kidnapped by Palestinians is on about the same level of concern as a Hamas activist being kidnapped by a Fatah activist. Or say an Al Jazeera reporter being kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents. A pox on both their houses. Is that harsh? OK so I do have concern for the individual reporter, Alan Johnston. As for the BBC, let them eat cake.

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  1. Funny enough,your logic is the same type that terrorists use. As far as they're concerned,everyone in those two towers hit in 2001 were legitimate targets because they pay taxes which then fund a war machine. Neocons don't represent western civilization either. Unfortunately, they have so much influence now they are starting to think that they do.


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