Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hillary, May Allah Be With You

"Obama is great, but you my lady are the cream-de-la-cream. You have my full endorsement. May Allah be with you."

Clinton Pakistani donor wanted by FBI in scheme to funnel money: WASHINGTON - A Pakistani immigrant who hosted fundraisers in Southern California for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is being sought by the FBI on charges that he funneled illegal contributions to Clinton's political action committee and Sen. Barbara Boxer's 2004 reelection campaign. Authorities say Northridge businessman Abdul Rehman Jinnah, 56, fled the country after an indictment accused him of engineering more than $50,000 in illegal donations to the Democratic committees.
Newt Gingreich: Hillary is "a Nasty Woman"

Glick: If Iran Gets the Bomb
More "Global Warming": 15 Dead in Midwest Snowstorm

1 comment:

  1. re: Glick's "column", how exactly does Sunni fundamentalist Al-Qaida get to "attack at will throughout the world" courtesy of Shi'ite Iran's nuclear umbrella?

    Is this really supposed to be "serious" analysis?


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