Sunday, March 18, 2007

Islamosocialism: The European left makes common cause with the Muslim right.

The Wall Street Journal delivers an excellent article this morning about Radical Islam and their fellow travellers on the left. A marriage of convenience:

"It is a profound truth," declared the British Socialist Party in a 1911 manifesto, "that Socialism is the natural enemy of religion." Not the least of the oddities in the subsequent history of progressive politics is that today it has become the principal vehicle in the West for Islamist goals and policies.

For Muslim voters in Europe, the attractions of the Socialists are several. Socialists have traditionally taken a more accommodating approach to immigrants and asylum-seekers than their conservative rivals. They have championed the welfare state and the benefits it offers poor newcomers. They have promoted a multiculturalist ethos, which in practice has meant respecting Muslim traditions even when they conflict with Western values. In foreign policy, Socialists have often been anti-American and, by extension, hostile to Israel. That hostility has only increased as Muslim candidates have joined the Socialists' electoral slates and as the Muslim vote has become ever more crucial to the Socialists' electoral margin.

More mysterious, however, at least as a matter of ideology, has been the dalliance of the progressive left with the (Islamic) political right. Self-styled progressives, after all, have spent the past four decades championing the very freedoms that Islam most opposes: sexual and reproductive freedoms, gay rights, freedom from religion, pornography and various forms of artistic transgression, pacifism and so on. For those who hold this form of politics dear, any long-term alliance with Islamic politics ultimately becomes an ideological, if not a political, suicide pact. One cannot, after all, champion the cause of universal liberation in alliance with a movement that at its core stands for submission.

This is not, of course, the first time such a thing has happened in the history of the progressive movement, or in European history. On the contrary, it is the recurring theme. In the early 20th century, the apostles of Fabianism--George Bernard Shaw among them--looked to the Soviet Union for inspiration; in the 1960s the model was Mao; in the late 1970s, the great French philosopher Michel Foucault went to Iran to write a paean to Khomeini's revolution. In nearly every case, the progressives were, by later admission, deceived, but not before they had performed their service as "useful idiots" to a totalitarian cause.

But the stakes today are different. At question for Europeans is not the prevailing view of a distant country. The question is the shaping of their own. Europe's liberal democrats were able, sometimes with outside help, to preserve their values in the face of an outside threat. Whether they can resist the temptations of Islamosocialism remains to be seen.

Of course, the same is true in the united States, although these forces are still largely marginalized compared to Europe. Please check out this video below from yesterday's "peace" march in Washington. Smelly leftists converged to "oppose the war." Notice how many folks in the crowd are waring Kaffia's, the traditional Palestinian symbol of "resistance". Notice the Palestinian and Lebanese flags, flying side by side with the traditional symbols of the far left. All of this speaks loudly about the sad state of affairs on the left in general, where folks are so alienated from reality that they would rather accommodate religious fanaticism and fascism, than stand for traditional Western values.

More proof that these folks are mentally unstable


  1. Well the risk of joining any of these street protests (of whatever political leaning), is that people who are anti 'all sorts' of things tend to join in too,and you may not know what is on the mind of the person walking next to you.

    At the end of the day, there is little anyone can do to ensure everyone has the same motive for being there. Should what you call "leftists" stop demonstrating just because there are people amongst them in a demonstration that have other motives? No, I say not.

    For example, if somebody is at a "pro" war march, there may be people there who are doing so because they believe it is in the best interests of the United States security to invade nations.

    And, there may be people there supporting the war simply because they hate "sand niggers" and Islam as a whole and would love nothing more than seeing the entire middle east "nuked" if they could.

    Should marches that are "pro" war be dropped just because some of the demonstrators have really viscious motives for supporting the war? I'd suggest not.

    There are no safeguards against who joins a crowd, and more often than not these events end up as an excuse for a huge street party by eccentric people (as we see in thie video) wearing pink and banging drums.

    I went to a demonstration once defending free speech under attack by government political correctness laws. Amongst the crowd were people who were there for the same 'central' reason as myself, but there were also people belonging to far right white supremacy organizations and had "other" motives for being there and were making their agenda known through subtle choice of words.

    They had their own reason for showing up.

    Likewise, they probably wouldn't have appreciated my prescence there, being someone who "isn't" part of any white supremacy movement. Nobody can safeguard against all kinds of people joining a demonstration where everyone has a common goal but different motives for having that common goal.

    Myself, I prefer to inform myself of the issues and discuss them rather than going on 'fun days out' at huge marches. Btw. Calling them "smelly" unless you were actually there, is odd. Where you there?

  2. I was not there. I relied mostly on a few well-known allied bloggers who were. I called them "smelly" because that's a fairly common derogatory name used in America to describe the usual leftist crowds that show up for these types of demonstrations. As you can see from the video, personal grooming is not one of their stronger traits.

    As for the rest of your comment; I cannot argue with any of it; only to say that I would never attend a demonstration if I knew white-supremacist would be in attendance, even if I agreed with a small portion of their agenda such as opposition to “affirmative action”. I hold them in as high regard as I do Islamo-fascists, which is to say I hold them in very low regard.


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