Thursday, March 01, 2007

Islam and the National Organization for Women (NOW). Where art Thou?

LA Jihad

McCain says U.S. lives 'wasted' in Iraq: The Neocon does not discriminate, we condemned Obama for making such an insensitive off the cuff remark, McCain should apologize as well. We have made mistakes in Iraq, as we have in every war, it's the nature of the beast. No bereaved family wishes to hear from an ambitious politician that that the life of their son has been "wasted."

Newt Gingreich: Hillary is "a Nasty Woman"
Kent State Professor Contributed "News" to Jihadi Site
Ahmadinejad: 'Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan'
Eurovision may ban Israeli entry due to lyrics on nuclear war
Right On!: Circumvent old media-go for the blogosphere
Actress' comment on Prophet leads to ban on KL talk show
Italy arrests Muslim man for locking up "lively" wife


  1. I saw your Boycott Citgo button and had to say, Thanks. I live in Venezuela and have for 20 years. Cant stand what is happening to the country and it irritates me that it is all being done with the petrodollars from the oil sold to the USA.

  2. >>>We have made mistakes in Iraq

    Iraq 2003 was a mistake,period.


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