Thursday, March 15, 2007

Behold the Lefty Paradise of North Korea

Behold the lefty paradise of North Korea, where "health care" and "education" are free for all, public transportation and limited electricity means less Co2 emissions so you know they're doing their part to fight "global warming." Folks are less "materialistic" and "consumption" oriented, and more likely to be vegetarians... corporate corruption is almost non-existent, and you won't find a single McDonald's or Wallmart to pollute the authentic culture... and to top it all off, they hate that bastard George Bush and those imperialist evil neocons... A real paradise for Huffington Post type folk, think of it as a Club Med for lefties...really, have a look:

Part 1

Part 2
A real nasty portrait from that right-wing rag known as...the National Geographic.


  1. The fanatical belief in the leaders "unshakeable" ideas amongst many of these north koreans, isn't too far removed from how some citizens of the United States view Bush and the War on Terror. With glee, they'll only watch the TV stations that line up with the current administrations politics, and convince themselves that they have the whole story. Take one look at YouTube and you'll find plenty of people who also scream about wanting to "nuke Iran" and "kill the ragheads". When you read that kind of thing, they doesn't seem so far removed from these simple North Koreans farmers and their attitude to outside nations and citizens. Of course, the brainwashed never consider for a second that they might be brainwashed. It is always someone "else", isn't it. (LOL)

  2. That is really an obnoxious comparison that only a morally confused individual would make. Bush was elected...twice. He faces a very noisy opposition every day, folks that call him every ugly name in the book. Those people are free to do so. Nobody is sent to a concentration camp or killed...i.e North Korea. Bush will be term-limited out of office in less than 2 years and cannot run again. America if literally the most free and open society on planet Earth. Of course, I don't believe that you are serious in such a comparison...

  3. Bush was elected...twice.

    Yes. On the first occasion, I believe it was by a cats whisker. The world and some Americans suspected foul play. On the second election, it appears he was voted in again due to "domestic" issues grabbing peoples vote, despite uncertainty about where he was taking the U.S with his war on teror. Same happened in Britain with Blair. Although most people here despised Blair at that stage. It was his "party" that was voted back in really due to domestic issues, lack of a worthy opposition, and Blair just happened to be leader of the party and PM.

    My comparison is not of America with the North Korean regime. I'm referring to some of the citizens in the U.S. Blind love and support of a leader for this war on terror.

    Despite all the monumental screw ups that are staring people in the face, some people just seem to stick their fingers in their ears and chant "la la la" and carry on watching the TV channels which align with their political leanings because they don't look at the facts of what has really happened as a result of the war on terror taking on the dubious form of invading nations/toppling regimes.

    You are right that people are free to mock and criticize leaders in western nations. But anyone can allow a bunch of protestors to mock,scream,and shout while safely ignoring them inside four walls.

    Sooner or later the leaders know the protestors will have to go home, and the leader doesn't have to listen to the people at all.

    Do we "really" live under freedom?

    Western nations certainly have more freedom in certain fields than in other parts of the world. But I think we're deluding ourselves if we truly believe we live in a paradise of freedom. I know you didnt' claim that, but it's surprising how many people do seem to think their voice really gives them much power about what higher government does once in power.

    I'm not sure I believe your claim that the U.S is "literally the most free and open society on planet earth". Depends on the context though. You'll probably find that the Netherlands and some Scandinavian nations are much more open minded in general. In recent years that has admittedly been changing due to the European Union trying to make a template of how all Europe should be. But those nations are still very open/free.

  4. Scandinavia and the Netherlands? Well I have visited those places and I can say this: If you want a cradle to grave socialist nanny-state with sky-high taxes and government regulations, but where you can smoke pot all day long and live in a tiny apartment where the temperature outside is a 1000 degrees below zero, than indeed those may be good places to hang out. But if you want to be truly free... including freedom of choice... including the freedom to largely avoid the affects of government if you wish, the freedom to open your own business to support your family with minimal interference and perhaps make it big, those places would be fairly low on the list. If you want to own your own gun (YIKES!) for example, and have the freedom to openly criticize Muslim extremism than those would be some of the last places on earth with the exceptions of Saudi Arabia or communist totalitarian regimes.

    As for Bush; He received in both elections more votes than Clinton ever did, both by percentage of the vote and by raw numbers.

    In the United States, people who support Bush do so out of their own free will, not out of "brainwashing". Those who oppose Bush also do so out of their own free will, not out of brainwashing. Simply because you hang out with people who can't comprehend that anyone would support Bush without being brainwashed does not make it so. It only points to your own tendencies to be intolerant of those who you disagree with.

  5. 1000 degrees below zero? Hmm, ooookaaay. With Bush, I would suggest the nation is pretty much split in half then, if votes have been so close on both occasions. A civil war any time soon,perhaps?

    If Pro bush Americans really are free to choose and haven't been brainwashed by media and spin, then there must be some pretty stupid people there if their free choice made them choose Bush and the shadowy figures behind him,"twice".

    With that, I talk of people who would have voted for him due to his stance with the "war on terror", and continue to support it despite the evidence of how it has ended up opening a pandoras box/hornets nest all over the middle east. Not the utopia of puppet leaders submissive to the will of Washington the PNAE ideology was hoping for, I'd say.

    Anyone who still thinks that invading Iran would be a good decision too, or that Israel is a poor little victim that hasn't commited war crimes on a mass scale, is quite simply insane.

    That is why I say those who continue to ignore the facts, are brainwashed. Yes more accurately we could say they brainwash themselves out of "free choice". "Self hypnosis" of sorts. Out of pure ignorance they "choose" to remain ignorant of what takes place and live in a fantasy world instead (even though they could educate themselves as to the whole story).

    Recent investigations within Israel suggest that the 2006 invasion of Lebanon (said to have been sparked by kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers), was planned months in "advance" by the Israeli regime.

    Hopefully the Israeli people will one day wake up to what their leaders are doing in the region and will demand a return to Israels original borders,stop demolishing houses for Israeli settlers instead, and maybe "then" they may have a much more convincing case for claimimg to be a poor passive victim of any outside aggression.

    Free to own a gun? No thanks. With one of the highest murder rates in the world over in the U.S, I'll take my chances in totalitarian medieval and freezing "Eurabia" ;)

  6. Very good then. I will let the readers of this exchange make up their own mind as to who is arrogant and "brainwashed." In the meantime, I need to get back to triming my palm tree's, it's that time of year.


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