Saturday, March 10, 2007

AIPAC and Muslim Immigration

Let's be honest - While AIPAC is busy "lobbying" for a Strong US-Israel relationship...the greatest long-term threat to a strong US-Israel relationship is large-scale Muslim immigration to the United States. Period.

Most members of Congress don't need to be lobbied to be pro-Israel, most are pro-Israel by natural instinct, raised from birth in this great country with certain values that, among other issues, makes a pro-Israel stand the more natural position to take. This explains why many of the most pro-Israel members of congress are not Jewish and have no Jewish constituency to speak of. In truth, AIPAC is more of an organizing group than a traditional political pressure group, as it is often accused of being by it's enemies. It really is easy being a pro-Israel "lobbyist" in the United States because the wind is at your back almost all of the time.

That cozy environment can change and change quickly in the coming years. With increasing Muslim immigration, Muslim organizations hostile to Israel are popping up all over the place, some of whom have very deep pockets courtesy of Saudi Arabian petrol-dollars. Over time, these groups grow in sophistication as they learn through trial and error how to navigate the American political landscape for maximum advantage. It is only a matter of time until Muslims outnumber Jews in America, out organize and out finance Jewish organizations as well. What then?

There are many nuances to this complicated subject, but to make a long story short. One of the most important issues that should be on AIPAC's agenda, if only for the sake of self preservation, should be to lobby our government to strictly limit Muslim immigration to the United States. That will be politically difficult (not to mention politically incorrect). But it is the single most important issue for the long-term preservation of a strong US-Israel alliance, which AIPAC claims as its primary mission; and I believe that it is also in the interest of the preservation of America itself as a beakon of freedom, and leader of the free world... not to look like France 30 years from now.

Our Government's Dangerous Partnering With the Wrong Muslims

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  1. the idea that AIPAC is an organizing group not a pressure group is a joke. Just ask Congresswoman Betty McCollum.


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