Monday, February 19, 2007

Neocons About to Invade Britain!

This is a hilarious and highly paranoid video courtesy of the conspiracy mongering left. Notice how we "neocons" are conspiring to control the world. Notice how at the end it is suggested that we are about to invade Britain. This is truly funny stuff... and a window into a warped mind.

While it is true that America has been involved in a number of wars since the beginning of the last century, let's review the record shall we:

1) The US entered WWI to save Europe from itself and was instrumental in bringing that long war to a quick end.
2) The US entered WWII to save Europe from itself...again, and destroy fascist totalitarianism. Without the US, it is highly likely that the producer of that video would be marching the goose-step and speaking German right about now.
3) As for the Korean and Vietnam wars, these conflicts must be viewed within the context of the global struggle to end Communist totalitarianism, which was ultimately achieved through decades of a cold war, and series of hot wars.
4) Now the United States is engaged in another struggle against a fascist totalitarian force with a fanatical religious component. Like all the struggles before, this war will also be won. Not without setbacks and not without sleazy wackos such as the producers of this video providing aid and comfort to the enemy.
Once again, America is the worlds 911. When the *%&#! hits the fan, who you gonna call? France? Euro-wheenies? Pakistan? No, you're gonna call America, as usual.

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