Monday, February 26, 2007

Jesus' Tomb? More Interesting Than I Originally Thought

When I first learned that Hollywood Producer James Cameron had "discovered" Jesus' tomb, I dismissed it out of hand with a good laugh, brushing it off as another Hollywood Liberal looking to discredit Christianity and gain some cheep publicity. In other words, another lefty, "brave" in challenging Christianity because he knows nothing will happen to him, and cowardly in challenging Islam because that would require real courage, not pretend courage. That still may turn out to be the case, but having now read the details and having checked into a few more sources, I am now willing to keep an open mind, albeit a skeptical one. I was in Israel in 1980 when that tomb was discovered and I remember some minor discussion and speculation about it, and then...nothing. 27 years later the issue explodes onto the world stage. Readers of this blog know that I am a skeptic by nature and tend to quickly dismiss large claims unless proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. In this case however; if indeed the names on the caskets are accurate, and the time-frame (through carbon-dating I guess) is compatible, and no one is refuting these two critical elements, than it is difficult to dismisses all of this out of hand. The mathematical odds of an entire family structure with the exact same names (as common names as they may have been) would seem to me to be extremely long. The hysterical reaction of some Israeli Archaeologists rushing to dismiss the entire issue without providing a clear and convincing counter explanation other than "these were common names," only raises more questions. I now sense that this matter is going to be with us for some time.

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