Sunday, February 25, 2007

Barak Hussein Obama: Our Lord and Savior

"I have read plenty of gushing, over the top, brown-nosing suck-up pieces about Barak Hussein Obama in the main stream media, but this one from Robert Kuttner of the Boston Globe takes the cake. Saint Obama is apparently nothing short of Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, FDR, Vaclav Havel and Thomas Jefferson all rolled into one. Good freaking lord! Is there no shame?

"I have followed politics far too long to fall in love, but Obama is like nothing we have seen since Bobby Kennedy and maybe since FDR. If you haven't read his first book, "Dreams from My Father," you owe it to yourself.

Obama wrote the book when he was 33, having spent nearly three years as an organizer on Chicago's South Side, and then three years at Harvard Law School, where he was elected president of the Law Review. No 33-year-old has the right to such uncommon wisdom and humanity. The comparisons that come to mind are the young Martin Luther King Jr., or Václav Havel, or maybe Thomas Jefferson.

If you think Obama is a pretty face with a gift for rhetoric and not an effective politician in the most noble sense of the word, read the chapters about his small victories organizing in the desolate neighborhoods of the South Side, one pastor and one kitchen table at a time.

Columnist Maureen Dowd described Hillary Rodham Clinton's money machine against the innocent Obama as Hillzilla vs. Obambi.

But Obama's mass appeal could well roll over Clinton's money. Obama is the only rock star in the campaign. We are likely to see a tidal wave of Americans under 40 who have never seen such a leader. Obama is young, and the Republican field is nothing so much as old. And this is a generation casually accustomed to revering the likes of Tiger Woods and Oprah Winfrey.

Obama lacks the foreign policy experience of, oh, Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld. But read of his first trip to his ancestral Kenya, and you'll feel quite comfortable that he has an unerring grasp of the complex world beyond these shores."
Yuck!!! I mean serious barf-orama.

Anyway, in the runner-up category for most intense MSM suck-up, goes to William Booth writing for MSNBC-Washington Post. The headline reads, and I kid you not: "Al Gore, international rock star. Oscar hopeful making case as America's coolest ex-vice president." Are you kidding me? I could not make this stuff up if I tried. UPDATE: Secular saint Carter endorses "rock star" Gore!

Secret report: UK Terror threat worst since 9/11
Dutch politician doubts Muslim ministers' loyalty
Former Malaysian PM: "No such thing as a moderate Muslim"
Activists blast Saudi Arabia beheadings
Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran
Pak Daily Times: Our clerics favour suicide-bombing!
Imposing Islamic law in the UK
From our friends down-under: Well that's enough to drive a lib stark-raving mad.


  1. Joe: You gotta love the Aussies! I agree: Dick Cheney is a stud. The Aussies are just about our best ally vs. Islamic barbarians. Their political leaders have the guts to say what ANY rational Westerner should: You want Sharia? Go somewhere else.
    Dick Cheney laid open the libs' war strategy and the truth so unnerved "Nancy" she called Bush in a hissy fit. Cheney refused to back down, and by calling her "Nancy" he pretty stated what he believes: 'Honey, you are out of your league. This is a serious game we're playing, and your lib, bleed-the-troops strategy ain't gonna fly with me. This is not SF, Nancy!
    Thank God for Cheney and the Aussies!
    F. Garvin, S.J., Ph.D.

  2. You gotta love this spin that you guys are trying to put into Barack's run for the presidency.

    If you have something to criticize him on, try making it more substantial.

  3. I was not criticizing Obama, I am criticizing the media treating him like a rock star instaed of a political candidate. Even Obama stated that the media would rather cover how he looks in a swim suit than talk about policy.

  4. Thanks Joe,

    Clearly the media is more inclined to celebrity life, even if individuals aren't even celebrities. Take for example Anna Nicole Smith.

    It's refreshing Joe. I don't agree with you on most of these topics, but I find you interesting nonetheless..

    Keep it up!


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