Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rangel: We Need to Bring Back The Draft. The Neocon: Bring on the Debate

Obviously there are positives and negatives with regard to reconstituting the military draft in the United States. I personally don’t believe that the idea should be completely pooh-poohed just because it is being brought up by liberal Democrat Charlie Rangel of New York. Indeed, this might be a good time to initiate a public debate over the draft. It is really difficult for an average person to take this war seriously if our public officials, or the general public for that matter, don’t believe that the threat we face is substantial enough to take the basic step of initiating a draft, or even debate the idea. Many conservatives (myself included) often compare the threats of our time to the 1930’s and the rise of Hitler in Germany. If we truly believe that to be the case, and not just excited rhetoric, than why is Rep. Rangel’s advocacy of a draft considered so marginal by so many conservatives who otherwise spend much time highlighting the growing threat at hand. So the Neocon congratulate Rep. Rangel for initiating this discussion, let’s see where it leads. (Image from Stubborn Facts)

Hitchens: Borat reveals the painful politeness of American society.

1 comment:

  1. We need a draft. We are stretched thin already.

    We need to be prepared and we are not.

    The radical Islamic facists are building up and we need to, also.


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