Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jimmy Carter: Worst US President in History, With an Uncontrollable addiction to the Smell of Murdering Dictators

What can one say about ex-President Jimmy Carter, a national joke, an embarassment who seems to love the smell of dictators and will exercise every opportunity to cuddle with tyrants and killers: voted out of office in disgrace and widely viewed as the worst president in the history of the United States. Let us recall shall we… when Carter left office: double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, a depressed stock market and an economy in shambles, hostages in Iran, lines at gas stations, a depressed and under-equipped military, with the Communist bloc on the march around the world and Russian troops in Afghanistan, etc…etc… In his own words, "a national malaise" which he himself was responsible for. I have no idea how this man has no shame to present himself as an elder statesman.
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Reader Comment:
James Earl Carter is clearly the worst president in the past 100 years. He failed in virtually every aspect of leadership. Yet this man is so in love with himself, that he stands up today and offers his leadership, advice and criticism. He is as wrong today as he was as president. Let me review his legacy. He foolishly allowed the Shah to fall in Iran and let the radical Khommeni return. His return was the first act in Islam's long war versus the West. Iran, an imperfect ally was lost. What emerged from Khommeni's mass murdering swamp is today's greatest threat to the West. Hundreds of Westerners have been murdered by Iran's hand. More than 230 US Marines were murdered by Hezbollah, Iran's proxy. When the Iranians committed an act of war by taking the US embassy, Carter responded meakly with a letter telling Khommeni that as religous men, he believed they could work things out. Even Khommeni himself was surprise by the US response. Such weakness emboldened this enemy. Finally, his incompetence peaked with the failed US rescue mission in April 1980. Carter HIMSELF was personally in radio contact with mission commander, Col. Charles Beckwith. Beckwith had to get Carter's okay to scrub the mission. There exists no better example of micro-management, incompetence and sorry leadership than this. Eight US soldiers lost their lives during the exit out of Iran. Iranians publiclly desecrated the burned bodies. Carter responded to the Soviet invasion into Afghanistan by having the US Olympic team boycott the 1980 games in Moscow. This further reinforced to our enemies, that the US was weak and would not stand up to aggression. Finnaly, US voters had enough and tossed Carter out in one of the biggest landslides in history. He allowed Reagan to permanently plant conservatives into a driving political force. Come to think about it, strike every criticism I have for Carter: Thank you Jimmy!
F. Garvin, Phd., S.J.

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