Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Dictator Gets Death

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For all those who are now suddenly overcome with feelings of compassion and mercy for Saddam, please carefully review the photo below and remember the thousands of Kurds gassed to death: Then remember the well over 1,000,000 people who died as a direct result of Saddam's actions; his invasions of Iran and Kuwait, his killing of hundreds of thousands of internal dissidents, his relentless quest for WMD's, his lobbing missiles at Israel...etc...

Then try to overcome your feelings of guilt and misguided compassion for the dictator. And then try to overcome your irrational psychotic hatred to George W. Bush who freed the world of this monster. Then go watch the video at the top again to feel better.


  1. Hussein was a monster. A few years of him appearing as a deflated old man has kind of 'whitewashed' what he was,in the eyes of some. Nevertheless, I feel extremely uncomfortable about the death penalty. Unlike parts of the U.S, we don't execute people in Britain anymore. The way people are celebrating this on the media of various parts of the world,is just plain sick. Everybody loves the meat, but nobody likes the butcher. Death penalty supporters often love the meat, but turn a blind eye to the reality of what it actually means to take someones life. They hand the job to somebody else. Hussein should be locked away for the rest of his life. Not hung. The picture you use of Hussein's head on Bush's plate, is very apt. Because this is execution by proxy. It is the revenge of the Bush family. The shabby trial tried to make it appear as if the Iraqis ultimately chose his fate. They did not. Lawrence was wrong. Some things "are" written.

  2. Yes, well, I refuse to shed a tear for a man responsible for the deaths of over 1,000,000 people (almost all Muslims by the way). When I'm tempted to feel mercy for Sadam, I think of the photo of the Kurdish mother holding her baby, lying dead in the street having been gased to death by Saddam (only two of thousands) and any feelings of miguided compassion fade.

  3. Show pictures of dead babies, and suddenly the truth of history is wiped away? Doesn't work with me. Hussein and the Ba'ath party were partly a creation of western (and eastern) powers. He was a monster of our own creation. Hussein was backed due to U.S fear of Communism spreading into the middle east of the 50's and 60's. Hussein and his little bunch of revolutionaries were grown and trained by the CIA in order to overthrow the ruler of the time, and the CIA "backed" the Ba'ath Party before and after that rulership was overthrown.

    Yet another example of Blowback (it seems the U.S will never learn).

    European,African,Chinese,U.S,and Latin american companies sold him chemical and biological ability over the years. What did they think he wanted them for?

    For firework displays?

    The U.S and U.K gave the Iraqi army training and intelligence in the Iran war which saw chemical weapons used against tens of 1000s of Iranians. Nobody seemed to mind as long as Iran was getting a kicking. Is it not true that the U.S and U.K blocked U.N condemnation of Iraqi use of chemical warfare at the time?

    When it comes to Halabja, was it not the beloved President Reagan who blocked a Senate call for Iraq to be cut off from U.S assistance, and for imports of Iraqi oil to be stopped after knowledge of the attacks having taken place in Halabja, because everybody seemed to agree at the time that it was down to Iran?

    (the stance changed once Hussein fell out of favor and his usefulness ended).

    The Chinese party have a horrendous human rights record of torture and injustice, which stretches "way" back and continues daily as we speak. Yet virtually all of our western nations do big business with them, and seem to find it easy to turn a blind eye to their activities as long as political and economic buddies are buddies. Hussein was once a buddy of other governments. He should have known that sooner or later they always turn and make them "enemy No.1".

    Hussein and his brutal rulership was continually propped up and equipped by many other governments in the world, and his methods of brutal rulership ignored until such times as he fell out of favor. That's the truth of the monster called Hussein. Any other "version" won't get past people with memories.

  4. Yes, of course, it’s always America’s fault. The Arabs are like children never responsible for their own behavior. The hidden hand of the conspiring CIA controls everything. On the one hand America is completely incompetent and everything comes back to haunt it, on the other hand, America is so incredibly brilliant that every action taken by an Arab is because of the USA. We Americans are truly amazing!

  5. "Hussein and the Ba'ath party were partly a creation of western (and eastern) powers" ~ my own words. What I am saying, doesn't put all the reponsibility for their actions on the United States. It is saying that it (and many other governments) 'helped' push the son of a bitch and his Ba'ath party into power in Iraq, knowing full well what he and other were like as people from prior experience because they wanted to overthrow the current ruler of the country. We so often keep reaping what we have "sowed" in other nations.

    Once again, it was the fear of Communism spreading which prompted backing people like him. Our nations helped train them (when British pilots were captured in the Gulf War, they learnt that the torture techniques being used against them, had been learnt after being taught in Britain). Our nations helped equip the regime with biological and chemical weapons and other arms. Our nations supported Hussein when he was fighting Iran, and turned a blind eye to his use of chemical weapons on tens of thousands of Iranians. That is what keeps coming back to haunt not only the U.S, but others. Operations which meddled in foreign rulerships in the past, helped create so many of the scenarios which curse us now, and of which we try to distance our part in the blame.

    The U.S in particular, backed the Mujahadeen when they were fighting against Soviet attempts to take Afghanistan (once again, a screw up while fighting Communism). At any other stage and setting, those same Mujahadeen would be termed "Islamo-fascist terrorists" by the U.S. But they were seen as "Freedom Fighters" because they were fighting an occupying power which just so happened to be the number one enemy of the U.S at the time. Now similar people try to scupper the installation of a government layed down by occupying powers in Iraq, and they are labelled "Islamo fascist terrorists" by the U.S.

    As much as some people keep sticking their heads in the sand about how our government's meddling in other governments keep leading to some nasty people getting into power and then getting out of control, the truth is there to see.

    Karzai is considered an Ally now. Maybe he won't in a few years? Musharraf is seen as an ally now. Perhaps he won't in a few years? The current Iraqi government is seen as an ally now. Perhaps in ten years the country will be ruled by religious fundamentalists intent on acting out revenge on those who threw a bomb into the sectarian nightmare and stirred it all up? Time will tell.


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