Thursday, October 19, 2006

UK: Man Convicted for Anti-Muslim Banner

Only an insecure, weak-kneed and deeply confused society would fail to grasp the irony. A UK citizen was convicted in a court of law for “causing distress” because he placed a banner on his own property that read: "Kill all Muslims who threaten us and our way of life." Now, the Neocon certainly does not approve of any such banner, but I do find it stunning that this British citizen would be convicted by his own government of something that extremist Muslim groups get away with virtually every day in the UK on public property (see photo above). Another part of this that seemed troubling, was that those who complained about the banner did so not so much because of the message itself (again, which I disaprove of), but because the message might attract radical Muslims to take violent action which could endanger the neighborhood. In other words, fear of Muslim retaliation. Nobody seems to grasp the irony of all this in the UK?

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  1. Irony? What irony? Oh, is that what is hitting me upside the head with a 2X4?


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