Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rifts over veil threaten British race relations

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  1. All I can say is that here in Britain is certainly opened a can of worms (although,that has been fading in recent days). We've had some good and fair debate from all people involved, along with quite a lot of people jumping on this as an excuse to Muslim bash. All kinds have jumped out of the can, it seems. What is 'has' done most importantly, is highlight that there are some folks who seem to feel that non-Muslims have "no" right to even discuss this subject,because it is 'Religious'.

    That is where they are very much mistaken in a modern western society where Religion 'should' know its place these days. Although I cannot stand Tony Blair on most issues, he was right in saying that we will not be shouted down with that 'Islamophobia' card when an open forum debate about intergration is clearly something that is very important in these times and needs to be discussed.

    Luckily, we've had a fair amount of Muslim women ready to discuss the issue and not be outraged. There is also misinformation flying around though, from some claiming it is a religious requirement to wear the "full" veil. That, is false. Islam 'encourages' women to be modest, and various forms of veil have occured through the ages and in different cultures. Some cultures down the ages have certainly 'forced' it upon women, but that is not true Islam. The full veil is just a cultural thing which became popular in the middle ages I believe, in repressive rulerships perhaps in Central Asia. I have heard that the roots of the full veil, are actually Christian Byzantium, which is interesting.

    Anyway, although the media is having a feast over this issue, it is not as tense as they are making it out to be. We've had one or two incidents which were backlash. But overall it has opened debate about intergration, and whether or not Islam as a social bubble has "any" intention of really intergrating or not. The way the Muslim community reacts to such debates (now that they 'are' occuring), will prove once and for all what it is to be. Intergration, or rejection of western society. Time will tell.

  2. Nowhere in the Kuran it is said that women should wear the veil. This issue is an INVENTION. Forget the veil. In the wild west, only bandits used veil to cover their faces. Well, with the level of threat nowadays, we need to know who is behind the veil. Those who are unhappy, theyshould LEAVE and go to those countries that implement such a habit, i.e. paradises such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan etc


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