Friday, October 20, 2006

Nothing of particular interest to write about, so I put up this cool Drudge Report-like siren as a meaningless attention grabber. Below are a few links of interest today.

Iran: Europe may pay "heavy price" for supporting Israel
Iran: Israel Will Disappear, Threatens Its Allies
Krauthammer: Allow Japanese Nukes
Gaffney: Empty Rhetoric Is No Deterrent

Real Muslims can never conform to our ways:
"Ministers appear whimsically to be shifting from the multi-cultural society towards an integrated one. They are whistling in the dark if they think that will play well with the followers of Islam in our midst. Muslims are rooted in their faith and it governs the way they live. It is the only faith on Earth that persuades its followers to seek political power and impose a law — sharia — which shapes everyone's style of life."

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