Monday, October 30, 2006

Leading UK Imam: It's OK To Kill Gays

A week after Australia's leading Imam declared that female rape victims are like exposed meat and largely responsible for their own rape, a leading UK Imam declares that killing "active" gay people is "OK". Where is Act Up when you really need them? Hat tip to LGF.

AnotherAustralian Islamic cleric steps in it

The Neocon is encouraged that moderate Muslims and a few undercover non-Muslims, are attending these Mosques and bringing their tape recorders along to tape the sermons and expose the extremism and incitement. This could prove an effective method of operation.

U.S. stymied in al-Qaeda anthrax case

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  1. Virtually all the monotheistic religions frown upon homosexuality. Most get it from Leviticus 18:22, or the whole Soddom and Gommorah story. The Quran points to it too.

    There are even extremists in the U.S who walk around with their "God hates fags" plackards, true? And Conservative Christians tend to view Homosexuals as some kind of abomination,and de-humanize them in their minds and how they view it.

    In Britain, we don't even have people as nutty as the Conservative Christians I've read on the internet. They really are puritan types, who are like a very glossy techno savvy version of Taliban.

    True, these folks don't openly call for execution (from what I've read of their views though, some of them would love to if they could. The two are not so dissimilar really.

    In Islamic states, they 'officially' take a hardlinee. But I know that homosexuality is absolutely rife in Islamic nations. It is just kept well out of sight.

    Extremist Conservative preachers of all religions are extremist conservative preachers, and modern moderates of all religions are modern moderates. That's the thing.

    The sad thing is that if someone follows all the old testament rooted Religions very closely without exception, then all of them are extremist in their own way.

    All of them have intolerance and punishment (either legal or spiritual) for what you do or don't do in life. Moderates of all the Old Testament hugging ones, have to really deviate to a large extent in order to live in the modern world.

    As for the Imam's comments. Looking at the LGF text, the Imam was clever not to be trapped. He appears to be saying that he supports the execution of gays in Islamic states such as Iran or Iraq. In regard to the UK, he dodges and says that in a true Islamic state, it would be the same. I am not under any illusions that he would "like" to think Britain is an Islamic State and that he loves the idea of purging Britain of homosexuality. But he didn't say that directly, and hence hasn't done anything illegal (nor was the Australian guy by saying what he has said about women).

    It could be said that they "expose" the real fundamentalist Islam this way. Thing is, the Gay community in the western world has been well aware of the Conservative Islamic view towards Homosexuality, for a long time, and the 2 communities hate each other and are rivals.

    A year or so back, I listened to some recorded sermons of Abu Hamza, in which he was showing his disgust about a Gay Pride march that would soon be marching by the mosque areas. It could be said that the Gay community was intentionally trying to wind them up by taking their route through the Muslim areas. Who knows. One thing is for sure. They do despise each other.


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