Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Killer Video's at Infidel Bloggers Alliance (IBA)

One Blog that I check in on daily is Infidel Bloggers Alliance : This week they have featured a number of killer videos that I can't help but post here as well. The first pair of videos are of that absolute nut-job and ugly disgrace, British MK George Galloway. To understand exactly how whacky this man is simply view his latest rants at a London rally celebrating the end of Ramadan. A real mouthpiece for Jihad with an oh-so friendly Scottish accent...yuk!.


  1. "...friendly Scottish accent."

    Yep, a devil with a smiley face. Ugh!

  2. Yvonne Ridley (clip of her at that event is also on Infidel Blogger's Alliance) is another one who now that she is Muslim, seems to feel she has to adopt all the politics and anti Israel fashion as part of the package. Galloway has not become Muslim as far as I know (at least, openly). But for decades he has been supportive of the Palestinian "cause" (or made up one), and has really gone over the edge into bitter ranting hatred.


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