Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Correction for: "Hijackers of Commercial Jet “Protesting” Popes Comments About Islam and Violence"

“Anonymous” makes the point in his comment that this hijacking story should be corrected given the now-known, full circumstances of the incident. Of course “Anonymous” is right. As it turns out, the hijacker was a lone Turkish Muslim man who had recently converted to Christianity and was about to be drafted into the Turkish Army. Apparently, as a convert to Christianity, the man feared what may happen to him in the Turkish Army which is made up almost entirely of Muslims, so he hijacked the plane seeking political asylum in Italy. Apparently, the confusion about the Pope was a result of the man’s ramblings to the pilot, where he mentioned that the Pope should cancel his visit to Turkey, which was initially (and wrongly) interpreted as a protest against the Pope or a demand. In any event, I will leave up the original post so that folks can now see it in context:

Hijackers took over a Turkish commercial jet in rout to Albania. Apparently, the Muslim hijackers are protesting the Popes recent comments that inferred that Islam has a propensity for violence. There is no word yet if the hijackers are aware of the irony that their act of violence serves to further substantiate the Popes comments. Stay tuned.
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The Dow Jones Industrial reached an all time intra-day trading high for the first time in six years. In an incredible display of the US economy’s resilience; overcoming the bursting of the high-tech bubble, 9/11, the war on terror, record high oil prices, and the relentless (politically motivated) negativity of segments of our society; nothing could stop the advance of a robust US economy, which remains the envy of the world.


  1. Latest I've heard, there is now doubt about this being the motive (although it was the one I also heard initially). It is said now that there was only one man, and then he had pretended there were more. Also, they are saying he is someone who converted to Christianity lately, and was trying to get asylum to avoid military service in Turkey (sounds like a bit of a convenient backtrack at the last minute, to me. But....). Anyway, that is what I heard on our news this evening.

  2. Isn't it time to edit this article and remove the 'Muslim hijackers' part, and 'act of violence' part? It now comes to light that there was only one hijacker. A Christian Hijacker.



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