Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Clinton, Carter and Korea

Bill Clinton's agreement 12 years ago was a complete failure. As Senator John McCain has now noted: "the North Koreans received millions and millions in US energy and food assistance. They then diverted millions of dollars to their military efforts." In short, Clinton set up a state of affairs in which the U.S. spent billions of US taxpayer dollars trying to bribe North Korea, then we crossed our fingers that it would behave itself. It didn't work. Much of our aid was secretly diverted by North Korea to their uranium enrichment program, which has paved the way for the North Korean bomb. How could it have ever been other than a failure? Look who Clinton sent to sit down with the communist leader — Jimmy Carter.

The Clinton "engagment" (read bribery efforts) didn't work with North Korea, we can all see that now. Civilized "engagment" does not work with such a regime, how many times must it be tried?. Last year, South Korea offered to supply the electricity equivalent of what two nuclear plants would produce in exchange for the regime abandoning nuclear weapons. It threw in 500,000 tons of rice for the starving masses, plus an array of other supplies and services, all to no avail. The starvation of millions is meaningless to North Korea's pseudo-Stalinist ideology.

Iran: We will continue Nuke program "without fear,"


  1. The policies of carter and clinton are the disasters that are looming on the horizon.

  2. You have completely wrong -- it is the Bush administration that is at fault for the current situation. Refusing to do anything whatsoever always results in bad news, and that is what happened.


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