Saturday, September 23, 2006

Once Again, The English-Speaking Peoples Find Themselves in the Forefront of Protecting Civilization.

In this excellent article by Andrew Roberts in today’s UK Daily Telegraph, Roberts studies Churchill’s acclaimed series “History of the English Speaking Peoples” to understand the current conflict with Islamic Fascism, and how it will eventually be won. A small sample below:
Bush's foreign policy is denounced as neo-conservatism because of its reliance on pre-emption. Yet was George Canning a neo-con when he destroyed the Danish fleet to prevent it falling into Napoleon's hands in 1807? Was Churchill a neo-con for having bombarded the Dardanelles outer forts in November 1914? Or in June 1940, when he ordered the sinking of the French fleet at Oran to prevent the fleet from falling into Nazi hands? The right of self-protection from Napoleon, Hitler and movements such as al-Qa'eda and its Taliban protectors is, as Enoch Powell pointed out during the Falklands crisis, "inherent in us", since it existed "long before the United Nations was ever thought of". By far one of the most justifiable wars in recent history is the one we are presently fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban, the government that hosted and protected al-Qa'eda when it killed nearly 3,000 innocent people – including 67 Britons – on 9/11. Today, that war is principally being fought by 15,000 Americans, 4,500 Britons, 2,200 Canadians, 550 Australians and special forces contingents from New Zealand. Germany has confined its troops to the quiet north, France to guard duty on the Khyber Pass.

Once again, therefore, the English-speaking peoples find themselves in the forefront of protecting civilisation.

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