Thursday, September 21, 2006

Musharraf: Worldwide "Ban" on 'Defamation of Islam' Needed

One speech that went largely unnoticed at the UN was that of President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. Understandably, most media were consumed by the colorful ranting of Iran’s Ahmedinejad, and Venezuela’s Chavez that other speakers went largely ignored. In some aspects however, the speech by the “moderate” Musharraf of Pakistan was as troubling as that of Ahemedinejad and Chavez. Musharraf called for a worldwide ban on the “defamation of Islam.” Who could possibly be against "non-defamation," right? Putting aside the minor issue of freedom of expression and who would be the judge of what coonstitutes "defamation" in the legal sense and who would enforce the ban, it is fascinating that the “moderate” President of Pakistan and I presume the leaders of many other Muslim nations, wish to impose a special speech-code status for Islam on non-Muslims. If such a speech code would also apply to Muslims who regularly defame Hinduism, Christianity or Judaism, virtually every Imam in the Muslim world would be arrested for defamation, since slandering “non-believers” is a daily occurrence in Mosques across the Muslim world.
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  1. I had a post on this - Global ban requested by Pakistani President. I thought political correctness had gone too far but his statement is the enforcement of Sharia Law. It starts incrementally and proceeds from there. If we sumbit even a bit, it is further confirmation that we are weak.

    Rather a double-edged sword, this conciliation stuff. I say, we keep our free speech.

  2. Of course, I'm with Beach Girl on this.


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