Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let the Pope preach -The Times of London Vs. The New York Times

The Sunday Times of London got it right today by defending not only the Pope, but the words he uttered. The intention of the rioters is to suppress and limit Western free thought and expression, and by extension to force submission to Islam by creating speech codes by which we should all abide…or else. The surrender monkeys at the New York Times on the other hand, have predictably and shamefully thrown in the towel and have basically submitted to the intimidations of radical Islam. A small sample from todays more respectable Sunday Times of London who clearly understand the larger issues at stake:

"This is, in some ways, a re-run of the hoo-ha among some Muslims over the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting Muhammad. In the frenzy that followed, with bloody riots and demonstrations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Indonesia and India, about 140 people were killed and hundreds were injured...The Pope may or may not have known what a hornets’ nest he was stirring up. Even if he did, there was nothing inappropriate, within context, in what he said...The Vatican has said he is very sorry his speech caused such offence to Muslims. That is fine but it should not go further than that. He should certainly not be pushed into withdrawing his remarks. As in the case of the Danish cartoons, Muslim zealots are trying to impose their restrictions of free expression on the West."

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  1. I fully agree with you on this. Whether or not the comments were deep down supposed to cause conflict, is of no concern now. The Pope has apologized,and that should be enough. It has been enough for several Muslim organizations in Britain and Germany. But it clearly isn't enough for people in some other regions who are only getting part of the story, and are probably being wound up by their clerics. One even called for a "day of anger" (which made me laugh, to be honest). As I say, mob mentality (which can be found anywhere). Cleric says "be angry", they "are angry". As mentioned in my earlier posts, we will see a lot of tightly closed in shots of local idiots and impressionable youth, dancing around burning flags and effigys, with media salivating at the chance to say this is the end of the world as we know it, and repeating "Muslims worldwide are outraged". Media will milk this one.


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