Monday, August 21, 2006

Thuggery & Trickery: How Islamic Terrorists Manipulate the Media

In this excellent piece by Joel Mowbray of Real Clear Politics, he lays out the case as to why there is often pro-terrorist bias in much of the main-stream-media (MSM). One point however that Mowbray failed to mention and I believe is possibly a crucial component to this issue is that Arab media themselves, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States pay a premium for Arab-Israeli conflict material generated by MSM and expect a tilt that will be acceptable to their audience. This creates an economic incentive for bias which is almost never mentioned, in addition to all of the other well argued reasons laid out in Mowbray’s piece.
Iran turns away U.N. nuclear inspectors...again
Iran says it won't halt atomic work
11 of 23 suspects in Britain air plot charged

In an interesting development, many Israeli reservist soldiers have signed on to a petition criticizing the indecisiveness and vacillation of their government. This is consistent with the Neocon’s assertions early on in the Lebanon conflict that the IDF rank and file were ready to take risks and do their duty no matter what the cost, while the IDF senior leadership and political leadership was paralyzed by indecision as the highly motivated troops waited like sitting ducks for instructions that never came.
The Threat and the Strength
Hezbollah’s Propaganda “Victory”
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