Monday, August 14, 2006

Muslims to Face Extra Travel Checks in Britain

Bowing to common sense and to the obvious, the United Kingdom will soon begin to implement security measures at airports that will likely single out young Muslim males for extra security scrutiny. The idea of spending time, money and energy at endless airport security lines on Japanese grandmothers, Norwegian children, women from Ecuador or men from the Congo, is no longer a sustainable game when the system becomes so backed up as to be economically unviable. Everyone knows who the likely attackers are. That is not to say that proxies can’t be recruited by the enemy, and thus should not be scrutinized. But by forcing the enemy to recruit outside the profile, the harder it becomes for the enemy to formulate an attack, and ultimately, the safer we all are.
Syria: We Will "Liberate" the Golan Heights
Internal message to Fox News personnel about the kidnapping
CBS: Communication for Barbarians Service

"Democracies are in a fix. If your enemy will gladly die for his cause while you wouldn't think of dying for yours (not that you even know what it is: freedom? liberty?) then clearly the fight is not to the swift but to the suicidal. The obvious short-term remedy is cold, lethal, technology. But the reliance on high-tech stuff has not subdued Iraq and it utterly failed in Lebanon as well. These are the realities of the new warfare and if they are the "birth pangs of the new Middle East,'' then what is being produced is not some cute, babbling democracies but a hideous monster. Just wait until he reaches for a nuclear weapon."
Richard Cohen
Washington Post
Real Clear Politics

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