Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fox News Under Pressure to Change Coverage?

The Neocon suspects that the kidnapping of Fox News Journalist Steve Centanni and his Cameraman Olaf Wiig has to do with Islamo-Fascist efforts to bend Fox News Middle East coverage, and Fox’s coverage of the Global war with Islamo-Fascists in general, towards the type of relativists coverage currently offered by CNN and BBC, deemed more friendly to the Islamic cause. Fox News, whose coverage until now has been more pro-Western have been very careful in its handling of this difficult situation, rarely mentioning the subject except for intermittently publishing appeals from family members and respected Arab organizations with repeated mentions of how the kidnapping “hurts the Palestinian cause.” We hope that this terrorist-hostage episode does not mark the beginning of a reversal in Fox’s approach to coverage of the global struggle.
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  1. Isn't there supposed to be a nuclear war tommorow? :)


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