Monday, August 14, 2006

Fox News Reporters kidnapped by Gaza “militants”

The kidnapping is undoubtedly meant to influence Fox News Middle East Coverage. CNN usually have less of a problem with Muslim “militants” because, like the BBC, they spend most of their days, if not sucking up to the Jihadies, than portraying a certain moral equivalency between the arsonists and the fire brigade. Fox News on the other had tend to try to make a distinction between the criminals and the police, something that the criminals are not always happy about, which may lead them to try to teach Fox News a lesson. We encourage Fox News to continue the path of clarity that has earned it much higher rattings than CNN. Fox should ware the animosity of the Jihadists as a badge of honor.
The Jihadi Big Tent
They are in denial over terrorism
Once again the trail leads back to Pakistan
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