Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Victory in Spite of All Terror, Victory no matter How Long or Hard the Road may Be

The Neocon Express will continue to update ongoing events in the Middle East as they develop with links to hard news and opinion articles from various publications around the world. Of course, at this site we do not pretend to be unbiased – we are biased in favor of freedom and Western values of tolerance, pluralism, enlightenment and modernity – We understand that this is only part of a worldwide battle against the forces of primitive backwardness of radical Islam, totalitarian subjugation and extreme intolerance to those who are different. Indeed, this is a battle between those who were horrified by 9/11, and those who celebrated it.
A 'Cycle' of Nonsense
In Rare Unanimity, Israeli Public Rallies in Support War
IDF: Hezbollah may have drone laden with explosivesFBI eyes Hizbollah in US as tensions with Iran rise
IAF foils rocket transports from Syria
Anxiety sufferers overwhelm hospital ERs
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Israeli Pilot who bombed Nasrallah's bunker: 'We will get them all in the End'
Israeli Ground Troops Enter Lebanon
Israpundit: disturbing speculation
Fight to the Finish-A united Israel.
Israel’s war with Hezbollah is our war with Iran
Who will it be in the Mideast?

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