Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lebanon Hints at Anti-Hezbollah Move as Arab Media Report that Hezbollah Cheif is Wounded In Israeli Attack

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora hinted that Lebanon could send its army to the South of the country to seize control from Hezbollah terrorists who now control Southern Lebanon all the way to the border fence with Israel. If in fact, the Lebanese government can now muster the courage to face down, confront and disarm Hezbollah; it could be a key to defusing the crisis. However, there is simply no chance that Saniora will agree to take such a dramatic action unless he is absolutely convinced that Israel and the West will back him fully in such an action, both politically and militarily. That is certainly a formula being discussed behind the scenes.
IAF launches heaviest raids yet on southern Beirut
IAF bombs Hizbullah TV network building
Arab League head: Mideast peace process 'dead'
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  1. It is about time for Lebanon to regain its sovereignity...


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