Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update: Following Harvard's Lead, Top Palestinian Says He Has Study That Proves: "Jews control U.S. Christianity"

In keeping with the newly found tradition at Harvard University, and following in the “respectable” footsteps of those “esteemed academics,” Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, a Senior Palestinian government official now declares that he has a Harvard-like study that proves that the Jooooooooos control Christianity in the United States. Thank you Harvard for unleashing the "great minds of the world."
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Dershowitz: Debunking the Newest and Oldest Jewish Conspiracy

Cynthia McKinney Hires A Body Guard!
Even as Whacky Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney appeared to be trying to put the issue to rest, a bodyguard she hired was raising another furor when he threatened a television reporter trying to interview McKinney outside the Capitol just minutes before she appeared on the House floor. When the reporter from Cox Broadcasting tried to ask McKinney about the grand jury, the bodyguard told him, "I'm going to put your ass in jail. I'm a police officer," a videotape of the incident shows. Asked if he worked for Capitol police, the man said, "I work for Miss McKinney."
Word that McKinney had hired a bodyguard roiled the ranks of the Capitol police who were worried that the guard was carrying a weapon. They said they are concerned about what the bodyguard might do if Capitol police challenged McKinney at a security checkpoint.
VDH: The Congresswoman and the Admiral

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  1. Ms McKinney is a joke! The good news is that if she is charged with a felony by the grand jury investigating her case she will not be allowed to continue serving into the House of Representtatives.


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