Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Palestinians Hunting Down Westerners to Serve as Bargaining Chits

This is the sequence of events: Hamas is elected in a landslide to lead the Palestinian Authority; Hamas announces that it will release from prison the Palestinian murderers of an Israeli Government Minister; Israel responds by raiding the prison to capture the prisoners before they are set free; Palestinians respond to the raid by hunting down any westerner they can find to hold hostage in exchange for the Palestinian terrorists; After a short seige, the wanted terrorists surrender. It’s just another day and another small incident in the clash of civilizations.

A stirring tribute to those who served their country
Pipes: Sudden Jihad Syndrome (in North Carolina)
Leo: Moral confusion
The coming new wave of jihad
Iran Leader: Nuclear Path 'Irreversible'

Leading military theorist Ralph Peters just returned from a visit to Iraq, he joined our troops on patrol in the streets of Baghdad and met with commanders in the field. He files this fascinating exclusive report on his observations at Real Clear Politics. A worthwhile read.

The 2006 Mis. Hezbollah-Hamas beauty contest. High fashion and colors are in this year.

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