Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Neocon Alert: Publish Danish Cartoon Far and Wide!

What are they rioting about in the Muslim world now? A Cartoon!!! Yep, Mohammad was depicted in unflattering ways (last September!) so now suddenly we have anti-Danish riots across the Muslim world, because you know how wacky those Danes can be. Imagine a riot in the US every time Jesus was portrayed in unflattering ways, or a riot every time the LA Times ran a Conrad cartoon depicting the Star of David with a Swastika. It would be rioting non-stop in this country. But where have the PC crowed directed their hostility? You guessed it, not towards the rioting hordes, but towards the newspaper! In a show of solidarity and defense of freedom of speech, the Neocon encourages all newspapers from every corner of the free world, as a matter of principle, to run the cartoons in defense of the embattled Danes.

The Neocon's Best OP-Ed of the Day: And the Winner is: JAMES LILEKS of Newhouse News Service:
Time to Drop Your Illusions About Palestinian Politics
It's intersting, funney, with a strong message. Highly Recommended!
Hamas Victory Has Brought Moment of Truth
Hamas' win clears picture
Terrorists Going Nuclear

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